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Why Choose Us?

The "Dry it Yourself Center" in Idaho Falls is here to get you through your next restoration job, helping you with specialized equipment rentals and advice from Trained Certified Pro's. Our Certified technicians with a combined experience level of over 20 years will assist you promptly and thoroughly to make sure you are setup to succeed. We will ensure that you are 100% satisfied. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to your call promptly and efficiently to get you the right tools for your EMERGENCY. You can work with confidence knowing the "Dry It Yourself Center​".™ has your back! With our easy tool rentals, and all your Dry-It-Yourself cleaning supplies, and all of your toughest questions answered. Dry it Yourself Center. "Where you can learn to "Dry like the pros".

One stop shop!

Conveniently located in Idaho Falls, we have a full inventory of professional grade restoration equipment and cleaning products that are guaranteed to get the job done. You won't find your grandma's fan here.

Easy to Use

We will explain and teach you how to use each piece of equipment. We are also here if you need to give us a call at any time.

Works Effectively

All of our rental equipment is top of the line. If you use them how you are supposed to you will be able to restore with no worries.

Reduces Repair Costs

If you start on the restoration process in time you can save thousands of dollars in repairs and damages.

Very affordable

We know money is always part of the equation. We provide quality products at a great price to keep more money in your pockets!


Experience quality customer service

Your success is our success, give us a call or stop by to see what DIY can do for you!

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